Leaders in the sector with the aim of contributing to the improvement of company management.


Extensive experience and preparation.


Comply with legal requirements within the deadlines


Personalized attention at reasonable and competitive prices.

Welcome to Audilex

About Us

AUDILEX is a multidisciplinary firm that brings together audit, accounting, employment and tax professionals with experience at leading multinational firms in the sector in order to contribute to excellent company management.

Our main capital is the AUDILEX team with more than 16 professionals with extensive experience and preparation, and in constant training, who maintain a close and permanent relationship with clients under the following performance criteria:

Personalised service.

Qualified professional services in accordance with the client’s needs.

Immediate attention to comply with legal requirements.

Reasonable and competitive prices

AUDILEX makes the following Departments available to you: Audit, Accounting Advice and Management, Tax advice and Management and Employment Advice and Management to render services to public and private companies in various domestic and international sectors.

Our customers are located in Spain, the Eurozone, United States and Latin America. AUDILEX habitually works with multinational companies, providing English-language support to parent companies over the telephone and by sending monthly financial reports as required.

We contribute to the improvement of company management

16 expert and prepared professionals, in constant training

Services we offer

Why work with us?

Professional experience

More than 25 years of consulting and accounting management to national and international companies.

Our team, the main capital

More than 16 professionals with extensive experience and training, and in constant training.

Creative and professional

Personalized and professional attention, according to customer needs.

Effective solutions

Choice of the applicable tax framework and a calendar of tax obligations.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Compliance with legal requirements at reasonable prices.

5 reasons to choose us

Because we contribute to the improvement of company management.
For our qualified professional attention according to customer needs.
By our team of auditing, accounting, labor and tax professionals from leading multinational companies in the sector.
Due to our high level of loyalty, with tailor-made solutions in advice and / or comprehensive accounting management.
Because of our reasonable and competitive prices.