AUDILEX’s accounting consultancy team, with over 25 years’ experience, offers accounting advice and management to both national and international companies within the framework of compliance with current Spanish legislation.

The personalized attention, in both English and in Spanish, the highly qualified professionals and the knowledge of the clients’ needs have resulted in a high level of loyalty by providing tailor-made solutions in the area of advice and/or comprehensive accounting management.

Specific accounting plans are designed for each client in accordance with their business activity, automating the documentary support when received in order to provide clients with periodic reports (monthly for multinational companies and large companies, and quarterly for SMEs) that allow clients to take economic, investment and financial decisions with up-to-date data on their business, as well as to plan the closing of the financial year.

Each client is assigned a personal accounting advisor who is in constant contact with them to resolve any issues which they may encounter in their activity, informing them of the necessary documentary support at the accounting and tax levels, for each of the routine operations of the activity (invoices, contracts, reconciliations, inventories, valuations, etc.).

We have up-to-date accounting software that is compatible with multiple platforms for the direct import of accounting support (client invoicing, bank statements, etc.) that allows the process to be automated, with the reassignment of manual tasks to accounting review procedures.

Our clients come from a wide range of sectors of activity; of diverse typology – family businesses as well as national and international entities; the utilization of different charts of accounts (General accounting plan, sectorial adaptations, international accounting standards IAS, adaptation of the General Accounting Plan to parent company norms).



Integrated Accounting Advice and Management

Accounting adapted to the Spanish General Accounting Plan.

Accounting for multinationals in accordance with the criteria of the parent company:

  • In Spanish or English
  • With monthly reporting
  • Analytical or budgetary.

Preparation and filing of Annual Accounts and official accounting records.

Supervision and analysis of financial statements.

Accounting management of ETVE'S (Holding companies for foreign shareholdings).

Maintenance of minute books of the different management bodies.

Preparation of feasibility plans and company valuations.

Constitution and liquidation of companies.

Assistance to the auditors in their audits of annual accounts.

Intermediary in providing services of Data Protection, Compliance, Prevention of Workplace Risks and Prevention of Money Laundering.

Our accounting outsourcing services are:

  • Integral Accounting Management at the client’s premises and with the client’s resources.
  • Administrative management, such as invoicing processes, collection management, …

Accounting obligations

In accordance with the Commercial Code, every business must keep an orderly and adequate account of the company’s activity that allows a chronological follow-up of all its operations, as well as the periodic preparation of balance sheets and inventories.
In order to ensure orderly accounting that is appropriate to the activity, the Accounting and Auditing Institute (ICAC) has prepared, among others, the General Accounting Plan adapted to European Community law; adapted the General Accounting Plan to the different sectors of economic activity, proposed accounting principles, etc.

Accounting records

The Commercial Code establishes the obligatory accounting records for companies and businesses resident in Spain (public limited companies, limited companies, cooperatives, foundations, associations, etc.) which they are obliged to prepare, maintain and legalize, where applicable:

A Journal

Which includes the opening entries, all the accounting entries of the day-to-day operations and a record of the closing entries.

Balance sheet register

Which is made up of the initial balance sheet and the cumulative quarterly trial balances.

Inventory and Annual Accounts register

Which includes the records at the end of the year of the inventory or detail of the assets (fixed assets and stock, customers, financial assets, etc.) and liabilities, and the Annual Accounts.

Minute book

Which records the yearly resolutions of the management bodies of the companies or firms.

Registers of Partners or Shareholders, Associates or Members, Cooperative Partners

Which show the owners of the shares/participations and the movements during each financial year.

The VAT register

Which is a chronological record of the individual invoices issued and received and which supports each of the monthly or quarterly VAT returns.

Deadline for submission

The deadline for the legalization of the official accounting records in the corresponding registry (Provincial Trade Registry, Registry of Cooperatives, Protectorate of Foundations, Ministry, etc.) is four months after the end of the financial year.

Models of annual accounts

The annual accounts summarize the accounting activity of the companies during a given period, normally a year, which is mainly reflected in its balance sheet (all the assets and rights of the company, the obligations and payment commitments, the equity at the end of the fiscal year) and in its profit and loss account (all the income and expense operations of the fiscal year, showing the profit or loss for the period):

The different models of annual accounts in accordance with Company Law, for firms and limited liability companies, together with the components of these accounts, are shown below, depending on whether they meet certain conditions:

Management report

The obligation to draw up the management report is determined by the provisions of article 262.3 of the 2010 Spanish Corporate Enterprises Act, “Companies that draw up abridged balance sheets and abridged statements of changes in equity are not obliged to draw up a management report”.

Statement of Non-Financial Information

The companies which must prepare the Statement of Non-Financial Information, which should be included in their management report or comprise a separate report, are the following:

Deadline for the preparation and presentation of the annual accounts

The annual accounts must be prepared by the company’s administrative body during the first three months from the end of the financial year.

The deadline for the approval of the annual accounts together with the management report, the statement of non-financial information and the audit report, in each case, is six months after the end of the financial year by the Shareholders’ Meeting or Assembly. The accounts must be filed in the corresponding register in the month following the approval of the accounts, within seven months from the end of the financial year.