The audit of financial statements arises from the need for companies to have their economic and financial information validated by independent, professionally qualified third parties, in order to provide a greater guarantee of reliability and transparency.

AUDILEX AUDITORES, S.L. is an auditing company registered under number S0899 in the Official Auditors’ Register (ROAC), which is dependent on the Accounting and Auditing Institute (ICAC), an autonomous body attached to the Ministry of Economy and Finance, and is also a member of REA – REGA.

AUDILEX’s team of auditors includes persons who come from auditing multinationals and who have more than twenty-five years of experience. This allows us to provide fast and efficient auditing services in many different sectors: construction, real estate, energy and distribution, food and canning, transport, internet marketing companies, hotels, etc.

The audit consists of the examination in accordance with the auditing law of the financial information contained in the annual accounts or financial statements of the companies in order to express whether these represent a true and fair view of the company.

The auditing services we provide fall into the following categories, depending upon the legal obligations and types of financial statements:



Audit of annual accounts

  • Mandatory audit of annual accounts.
  • Mandatory audit of consolidated annual accounts.
  • Voluntary audit of annual accounts.

Audit of financial statements

  • Mandatory audit of financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, interim, final, etc.)
  • Voluntary audit of financial statements.

Limited reviews

  • Financial Statements
  • Grant supporting accounts

Special Audit reports

  • Mandatory reports required by company legislation: capital reductions, capital increases, suppression of pre-emptive rights, etc.
  • Purchase audits and Due Diligence.
  • Audit of subsidies.
  • Ecoembes (Spanish not for profit organization for recovery and recycling of packaging materials) audits.

Expert reports

  • Expert reports of an economic, accounting and financial nature for companies and individuals, on behalf of or at the request of the Courts:
    • Expert reports on the valuation of loss of profits, goodwill, company shares, etc.
    • Expert reports for calculating compensation.
  • Reports to justify dismissals for objective, economic and/or productive reasons.