Foundations and Associations

Entities affected by the Resolution of March 26, 2013, of the Institute of Accounting and Auditing, which approved the Accounting Plan for non-profit entities, applicable to all state-wide foundations and to associations declared of public interest.

An obligatory audit of the annual accounts of non-profit organizations at the state level is required (in the autonomous communities these limits may vary) when two of the following three conditions are met:

  • Total assets exceed 2,400,000 euros.
  • The net amount of yearly income exceeds 2,400,000 Euros.
  • The average number of employees during the year exceeds 50.

We pay special attention to the specific aspects of non-profit organizations, such as sectorial adaptation of the General Accounting Plan for non-profit organizations, analysis by activities and action programs (commercial and social), budget settlement, VAT pro rata, special corporate tax regime, 70% of income allocated to social purposes, etc.


Entities affected by Order EHA/3360/2010, of December 21, which sets out the accounting rules for cooperative societies and other sectoral adaptations that affect them based on their corporate purpose.

Mandatory or voluntary audit of the annual accounts of cooperative societies, especially in the agricultural and housing sectors, etc., in accordance with specific legal requirements depending upon the type of cooperative and the autonomous community.

We pay special attention to the specific aspects of cooperatives, such as analysis by activity (by development, by cooperative activity, etc.), transactions with group members and companies, the tax treatment of unprotected, protected or specially protected cooperatives, the type of equity (minimum share capital, compulsory and voluntary contributions with or without remuneration), the distribution of cooperative and non-cooperative results, etc.