AUDILEX’s employment advice team, with over 25 years’ experience, offers labor advice and management to national and international companies within the framework of compliance with current Spanish labor legislation.

For each client, all of the company’s labor relationships (workers, management, directors, etc.) are analyzed to determine how they fit into the current labor regulatory framework and to define the type of labor contracts applicable and the related social and tax obligations.

In Audilex we consider that one of the main assets of companies is their personnel, and therefore, the management thereof should be done in collaboration with highly qualified professionals who are up to date with the applicable legislation.

As your external labor advisor, we carry out entire management tasks, such as the drafting of labor contracts and their legalization, preparation of payrolls, generation of monthly summaries by activity-work center-cost center, filing of contribution and tax returns, processing of individual or collective procedures of termination or suspension of labor relations, conciliations, etc.



Employee hiring

  • Management of additions, terminations and other changes with respect to employees in the Social Security system.
  • Preparation of employment contracts, using the official models, in all the contractual formats.
  • Registration of employment contracts with the Public Employment Service
  • Preparation of settlements and company certificates
  • Processing of hiring subsidies and analysis of any available rebates


  • Preparation of salary receipts (payroll: monthly payments, extra payments, arrears, variable payments)
  • Preparation of summaries for the accounting of the payroll, in accordance with the needs of the client
  • Preparation of bank remittance details for payment of salaries
  • Employee income tax withholding calculations, based on family situation and level of income
  • Calculations of taxes for special regional regimes and for non-residents.


  • Control and preparation of lists of expiration of temporary contracts
  • Preparation of customized lists in Excel of any kind of information related to personnel and salaries included in the database (In Spanish and English)

Contributions and taxation

  • Management of social security contributions: RLC (receipt of settlement of contributions) and RNT (nominal ratio of workers) through the Direct Settlement System.
  • Certificates of compliance with Social Security obligations.
  • Monthly preparation of on account payments of IRPF withholdings (models 111/216) and the annual summary of IRPF withholdings (models 190/296) at state and provincial levels.
  • Preparation of certificates of remuneration and withholdings.

Social security and benefits

  • Dealing with the Social Security Territorial Treasury (TGSS), the Public Employment Service (SEPE), the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) and mutual insurance companies.
  • Advice and management on expatriate labor matters
  • Registration of companies in the Social Security system.
  • Registration of workers in the Social Security system.
  • Management related to payments, overdue claims.

Labour inspections

  • Advice and assistance with the Labor Inspectorate
  • Registration, contribution and payment of Social Security system contributions
  • Prevention of occupational risks
  • Classification of companies and workers in special regimes
  • Inspections related to contributions for accidents and occupational illness
  • Temporary contracts
  • Disabled employees.

Labor conflicts

  • Advice and overall insight into these processes
  • Conflict prevention and negotiation
  • Company disciplinary regime. Penalties.
  • Individual and collective suspensions and terminations.

Human resources

  • Labor relations with senior management
  • Management of expatriates
  • Hourly control of the workday
  • Equality programs and salary register